SWOT Analysis


SWOT (which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis is a simple, straightforward method to visualize and discuss those four areas and can be applied to your company overall or a product or your sales team.

Below are some questions you can start with. To get the most out of this analysis you must develop your own questions pertaining to your own situation.


  1. In what area your sales team shines?
  2. What would a customer say as your sales team’s biggest strength?
  3. What kind of product(s) you offer that the competition can not or does not?
  4. Is there something that is unique to you that noone else can provide?


  1. If we asked your competition to comment, what would they say as your biggest weakness?
  2. Same question for the customers.
  3. What do your missed opportunities indicate?
  4. Is there one area you don’t get into because you feel you can not deliver?


  1. What is one thing you believe is going to add significant impact on your effectiveness?
  2. Is there a segment in the market where your target customers are active yet you are not?
  3. Do you see profit boosting moves that you can make fairly easily?
  4. Are you changing along with your customer?


  1. Are you dependent on just a few big customers?
  2. Is there a constant and continuous pain in your sales process, product or organization ?
  3. Are you the market share leader?
  4. Are you consistently meeting your targets?

The ‘High Level’ objectives:

  • Build on your strengths and improve further.
  • Correct and/or remove weaknesses.
  • Develop an attack-plan for opportunities.
  • Passify and plan to overcome threats.