Voice Mail Tips


There is conflicting information on the effectiveness of voice mail in these highly technical and social network times we are living.

However, since the telephone still commands an overwhelming presence in communications, we just can’t ignore voice mail as one of the weapons in sales person’s arsenal.

Key is to use voice mail, once again, effectively.

All voice mails have to be rehearsed, practiced and left with genuine and powerful voice, content is being a very important part of the equation.

Here are some pointers to improve voice mail effectiveness:

Best call times are 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Organize your voice mails clearly as to which one to leave based on the outcome.

80% of sales require 5 follow up calls after the initial contact. (Study by insidesales and sales buzz).

61 % of executives say they’ll respond to voice mail.

The Reasons Voice Mails Fail: 1. Unprepared salesperson, 2. Unclear objective, 3. Unrehearsed talking points, 4. No compelling reason to call back given.

Ideal length of message is 20-30 seconds.

Start with relevant info not your name and the company.

Leave voice mails at the end of the day.

Split your voice mails.

Slow down as you talk.

Don’t leave 800 numbers as call back, instead leave your cell phone number.

Don’t end your call with “have a great day”.

Don’t say ” call me at anytime”.

Don’t use jargon or buzz words.

Leave your number twice.

Use the prospect’s name often.

Don’t reference failed attempts.


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